Women and Making of Proper Men

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Women and Making of Proper Men

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The third chapter of the book Live and die like a man: Gender dynamics in urban Egypt discusses the significance role played by women in shaping the masculine trajectory. The author defines a masculine trajectory as a collective endeavor that is influenced by various actors, several institutions, and diverse discourses. The writer argues that women contribute to influencing the masculine trajectory by conforming to the social norms and expectations that define their duties and responsibilities as obedient wives, dutiful daughters, and respectful sisters. The women may at times be required to make emotional or financial contributions to their role of making men more aware of women’s rights.
The main point of the chapter is a revelation of a number of ways through which women are involved in shaping the trajectory of life of men in the Middle Eastern societies. This essay argues that the discourse presented in the chapter is a reflection of the role played by women in shaping men in other communities around the world. Women are always involved in one way or the other in the most important aspects of their children’s lives. For instance, mothers prepare their sons for any form of rites of passage such as circumcision as well as transition into the various elements of life such as education and marriage.
In conclusion, the chapter presents a critical perspective of the role played by women in influencing the life traje…

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