Without The Ability To See

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Without The Ability To See

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Without the ability to see.
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Darkness, caution, defenselessness, and confusion are the feelings that can best describe the situation I was in that state of voluntary blindness. I moved from the reality of sight to that dominion of being blind. It was like suddenly losing my sight in an accident as opposed to a slow loss of vision, although I knew that it was temporary and voluntarily.
I made my first movements with a lot of fear and caution, my body constantly waiting for any impending dangerous impact. I took my steps thinking of what lay ahead and beneath. I began to acquire courage and started to walk. My other senses started working overtime in response to the traffic noise and the wind direction. I was afraid, but with admiration for the blind, I was able to navigate through the street, the supermarkets, the sidewalks, and back.
About the experience and my reaction, though for only a short time, it was so compelling and provoking. There was need of addressing the needs of the disabled. They should be guided during the crossing of the streets, given priority in public amenities like the supermarkets and the hospitals. I started to realize that I have never done enough to help the disabled people especially those who are blind, and I made up my mind to always give them my help whenever I bumped into them across the streets or any other place. (Vaughan & Schroeder, 2018).
This experience generated a more significant…

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