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Personal Health
The results indicate that I am healthy, without addiction issues although I might need to deal with shopping issues before they get out of hand. The internet addiction score was at 39, which shows am an ordinary internet user, and I can manage my time use despite the urge to spend more time online. The gambling score is also relatively okay indicating no signs of being addicted to gambling. However the shopping addiction could be creeping in as the Yes score is in the range of 4-6 which shows a creeping habit of shopping addiction, however, with the right measures and self-control, I will be able to prevent the score from getting much higher. The results are important in gauging where I stand concerning addiction, and in identifying behaviors that might need rectifying before they become addictions.
A healthy lifestyle entails great physical and mental health. Physical health can be influenced by exercising, eating healthy and striving to remain addition free. While mental health can also be influenced by physical health, one ought to have a great relationship with people, tackle issues as they appear to avoid sad situations. Being addiction free is one way of staying healthy, since one may not result in unhealthy eating habits (Holden, 981) or food deprivation to cater for addictions, getting in fights hence hampering physical health among other issues. Addiction also plays a part in hampering mental health hence a per…

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