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Wind energy

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Application of Wind Energy to Meet the World’s Current and Future Needs
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Wind power technology offers significant merits as compared to other sources of energy or electricity. The energy is extracted from the movement of air by the application of wind turbines. In most cases, the windmills are only used because of the mechanical power that they own. Therefore, this paper shall look into the approach of the large scale shift to the increased use of wind energy in meeting the world’s current and future energy needs. The paper shall carry out a consideration after viewing the evidence and arguments of the approach. A recommendation shall be given at the end of the argument on whether the approach is a major way of addressing this particular problem that is facing the world. In general, the wind is a kinetic form of energy since it is a form of energy that is always in motion.
Factors for Adopting the Approach
Arguments in support for the use of wind energy as an approach to meet the world’s current and future energy needs have been raised in many forums and debates. Wind energy has been labeled as a green source of energy. The wind energy does not pollute the surrounding environment as compared to the use of coal, fossil fuels, and the nuclear-powered plants (Venkata and Krishnamurthy). Therefore, this form of energy does not produce any emissions of gases that are environmentally bad during its transformation and inst…

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