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Wildfires can be described as a fire that arises in either the wilderness or combustible vegetation. The problem is knowing how these fires start. There are a number of causes of these fires which include volcanic eruptions, lightning, spontaneous combustion, sparks from rock falls, or humans. The main issue regarding wildfires is coming with ways in which human-caused fires can be eliminated.
A number of steps can be followed to prevent these fires which include contacting the authorities whenever you see an unattended or out of control fire; when you have gone camping never leave a fire unattended, the fire should be completely extinguished using water then stirring the ashes until they are cold when going to sleep or are leaving the campsite; also while near park ground do not discard cigarettes or matches when in a moving car, the cigarette should be completely extinguished before it is disposed. The stoves, fueling lanterns and heaters should be taken care of whenever you are camping. These heating and light equipment should be cool before they are refueled, and flammable liquid or stove fuel should not be spilled. Lastly, whenever you are burning the yard waste such as dried leaves, the local ordinances should be followed like avoiding burning during windy situations and always ensure you have a shovel, water, and fire retardant near whenever there is a fire to keep it in check.
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