wicked urban problems in the news

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wicked urban problems in the news

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Traffic congestion
The world today is characterized by the high growth of urban areas which develop to form cities and towns. These places attract huge populations who migrate to them for different purposes. In most of the urban areas, however, there exist many social problems that affect many activities in the urban areas. There have been many reports on some social issues that affect the society around the urban areas which indeed need to be addressed. Some of these urban problems are also wicked as they are composed of unbelievable acts which are also controversial as they could lead to more negative impacts on the society. Some of these urban problems include poverty, traffic congestions, overcrowded and segregated schools, pollution, urban Blight, water supply and quality, loss of amenity and loss of provision of infrastructure and services. Some of the problems can be termed as weird due to their nature and impact to the society. The paper thus seeks to discuss one of the urban issues which are traffic congestion thereby explaining some of its aspects such as background, why it is wicked, the cause, why there are no obvious solutions, and how the problem is linked to other issues.
Traffic congestion has for a long time affected many urban centers in the 21 century. Many areas in the cities are crowded with motor vehicles owned by different people who for the society of the urban areas (Rao, Amudapuram, and Kalaga). Due to …

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