Why you want to become a Surgical Technologist

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Why you want to become a Surgical Technologist

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Why I Want to Become a Surgical Technologist
I always wanted to pursue a course in the health and medicine niche, but I did not know which trajectory I would take. Then I remembered my childhood. At a certain point-while still recuperating in hospital-someone walked in to check on me and asked if I was in need of anything. She told me that she was just a scrub technologist. At that moment, I realized how interesting the job of a surgical technician was, and I wanted to be in her position when I grew up; a surgical technologist.
I have seriously thought about the advantages and disadvantages of the career. Everyone understands the positives that come with being a surgical technologist; a dependable and stable career in a dynamic and growing field. Surgical technologists’ jobs are poised to grow by 20% in the coming decades. I am among those who will benefit from the 20% growth.
However, the most significant impetus in my choice for this career is not driven by money. I need excitement and working alongside surgeons in an operating room is exciting. Furthermore, surgical technologists are not exposed to the same liabilities and risks like the doctors and surgeons do because the patient is always in the surgeons’ hand during a medical procedure. Nonetheless, there are different types of surgeries, and pursuing a career in this field will expose me to new information and experiences.
Being a surgical technologist ha…

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