Why you want to become a nurse

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Why you want to become a nurse

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Why I want to become a nurse
Besides being a career, nursing is both a treasure and a calling (Watson). To me, this profession is more than a job, I perceive it as being more of an adventure. Importantly, it is a continuous learning experience in which one seeks to unravel new tasks and life changing events each day.
I got inspired to become a nurse back in high school. It is during this time that I decided to join a club labeled ‘Medical Explorers’ which later totally changed my perceptions. This entity exposed me to the various aspects of the nursing profession. The essential functions of the human body and its complex interaction with the environment in the background of genetics aroused my interest. Besides, I developed a significant interest in making a positive impact on patients’ lives.
I firmly believe in my caring and compassionate attitude. I intend to take advantage of this quality in offering services to the sick. With this, I will be able to uplift the emotions of patients while quelling their anxiety as I offer my services to them. Of the numerous fields I have had to explore during my lower levels of learning, the nursing profession has always stood out. This field has always sparked my interest inspiring a notion in me that pursuing this course will enable me fulfill my interests.
During my free time, I had the opportunity to research on both the basics and details of the nursing profession. I perused through a few pub…

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