Why women shouldnt be in combat

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Why women shouldnt be in combat

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Why Women Should Not Be in Combat
Over the years, females support peaceful coexistence and cooperation among different communities around the world. Most women believe in transnational solidarity and female inclusion in combat to create a harmonious society. Notably, women and other gender activists argue that the American government should incorporate females in combats to assist their male counterparts battle the country`s enemies. Nonetheless, women in the military sector should not be allowed in combat. Alternatively, they should be assigned non-combat duties to protect most of them from dangerous criminals. Women lack the energy to survive in battlefields, they are a distraction to males, and may suffer sexual assaults in the battlefields.
Most women lack the strength to survive in battlefields for extended periods (Leppamen 89). The military sector is an important agency as it protects the United States of America from external attacks from terrorists and other enemies. Additionally, the American army ensures peace in different countries like Somalia, Iraq, and Syria among others. As a result, the sector requires dedicated individuals who can survive in combat for long periods. Women cannot survive in battles for long due to their menstrual cycle. Females experience monthly periods that affect their energy levels, thereby making them ineffective during some days of the month. Consequently, they cannot provide consistent military service…

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