why we should use portable scanners

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why we should use portable scanners

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DateInfrared Portable Scanners in the Classroom
Infrared portable scanners will aid in the development of online classroom learning and enhancing current topics taught in classrooms. Advancements in technology have shaped education in the school and provide teachers with unlimited resources and support for teaching various complex subject matters (Wood et al. 563). Individuals within the school have different learning styles, and the use of portable infrared scanners ensures educators can adapt to the various learning styles while providing innovative resources to convey the materials (Wood et al. 553).
The product category chosen is technology and the use of portable infrared scanners to meet the demand of new technology within the classroom. Technology is a stable category within current market trends due to culture (Wood et al. 556). We use technology daily, and technology is shaping our educational systems.
A market segment used to promote the product is educators within high schools and college professors who use more advanced technology in the classroom (Wood et al. 554). We will send various representatives to prominent high schools and colleges around the country to promote the products and give teachers a free trial of the equipment. A representative will be available the teachers learn the products and use them. All teachers who decide to purchase the outcome will be given a percentage off. The specific market segment ensures we…

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