Why we should prioritize sleep

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Why we should prioritize sleep

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Why we should prioritize sleep.
Sleeping is a state that the human mind and body undergoes for several hours every day; the nervous system is usually inactive, muscles relax, eyes closed, and an individual lacks consciousness. Sleeping takes a significant part of a person life. It occurs naturally and, though someone may decide to suspend their sleep they have to sleep at the end. Having a sound sleep gives a person new energy. Individuals should get sufficient sleep to have good health, sleep deprivation leads to body fatigue, increased risk of developing conditions like hypertension, while enough sleep allows body systems to renew themselves.
Total sleep deprivation causes an individual to experience fatigue. This sleep deprivation condition is linked with both immuno-inflammatory responses and hormones (Sauvet 19). This effect can affect the quality of these individuals. Drivers who handle long distance travel are among the professionals who are likely to suffer this sleep deprivation condition. The sleep debt accumulated lead to fatigue and day sleepiness. Day sleepiness hurts the working productivity.
Secondly, there have been many studies that link sleep deprivation with high chances of developing some chronic diseases like hypertension and stroke. Sleep deprivation is associated with a higher risk of developing cardiac diseases (Alibhai 868) Lifespan of individuals who sleep longer is significantly longer. Sleep disturba…

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