Why should he be chosen Tiger of the year

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Why should he be chosen Tiger of the year

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Why Should I be Chosen Tiger of the Year?
I believe that I have met all the qualifications set by the school to become the Tiger of the year. To begin with, I am a very responsible student who unlike many of my colleagues carries my student ID to school every day. I wear my tie on the days we have mass which is a common school rule that many students fail to obey. I always carry my P.E uniform and everything I need for the school activities, and unlike other students, I don’t have to call my mum to bring them to me. I am a compassionate student who helps those people indeed like I do with carrying books for one of my classmates who was on crutches. I consider this as having high self-discipline too. This is because he cannot manage to carry the books because his hands are engaged with the crutches. Many of our classmates used to ignore him and just walk past him as he struggles with carrying his book which I find quite inconsiderate.
Except performing quite well in my studies, I am also engaged in other co-curriculum activities that help me become a whole man. I am on the school football team, and although I almost gave up due to the hardships I experienced during practices, I stayed committed. I am glad that I persevered and our team won the championship with an undefeated season. By doing so, I provided service to my school. I am also committed a committed Christian practicing the Christian values we are taught at mass. …

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