Why I would like to become a nurse

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Why I would like to become a nurse

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Why I Would Like to Become a Nurse
I want to enter the program because it will enable me to acquire the training, I need to become a nurse practitioner. Becoming a nurse will afford me a chance to affect my patients and the community positively. Also, joining the program paves the way for an exciting and fast-paced career. Although nurses usually have long shifts, their jobs can never become mundane. The training I receive will equip me with the tools to handle any situation at a moment’s notice and make quick decisions. Additionally, by joining the program, I can experience the advantages of a holistic approach to medicine. Nurse practitioners do not focus on a specific disease, but instead, they pay attention to the patients’ responses to illnesses.
As for my strengths I possess exceptional conversational techniques. I can speak with various individuals effectively and understand their needs by listening to them attentively. As a nurse, I can handle tough scenarios involving both patients and my colleagues. Also, I am empathic and compassionate. I can identify with and understand people experiencing various emotions including anxiety, fear, or anger. My major weakness is that I never quit until the job I have been assigned to is executed perfectly. This weakness can also be referred to strengths. My hobbies include playing musical instruments like the guitar and playing baseball. During my free time, I also like playing video games an…

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