Why i would like to Attend the DMS program at Monroe College?

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Why i would like to Attend the DMS program at Monroe College?

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Why I Want to Attend Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program at Monroe College
When growing up I was full of hope, determination, aspirations, and dreams of becoming a diagnostic medical sonographer. Unlike most kids who are quick to make decisions, I was a bit indecisive on most of the things I wanted in life. However, when it came to a career, I was pretty sure of what I wanted, and that is why I feel great desire to pursue my longtime dream of being a diagnostic medical sonographer.
Apart from my childhood dreams and aspirations, I also have some other added reasons that drive my desires into this profession path. At an early age of 10 years, one of my siblings developed a breathing complication which made it hard for him to breath. By having problems, it means he literary had difficulties both inhaling and exhaling which made it hard for him to catch his breath. My parents were in and out of hospital hoping to get a solution to my brother’s predicament. For more than two years of searching the doctors could not identify what the exact problem was, but in their third year of looking for more help one doctor diagnosed the ailment as asthma. Unfortunately, it later turned out it wasn’t asthma and he developed further complications which doctors said were from heart problems. His life became awful and this, of course, affected our entire family. My brother life was a routine of doctors’ visit to doctors’ visit…

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