Why I want to be a nurse

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Why I want to be a nurse

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Why I want to be a Nurse
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Why I want to be a Nurse
The prospect of improving the lives of people in need and encouraging them to live positively is the primary reason that fuels my desire to be a nurse. In the profession, a nurse deals with the diverse aspects of patient care thus giving the practitioner the opportunity to impact positively on the life of the individual. I also like dealing with patients and their families, as well as seeing them wade through difficult situations successfully. Therefore, seeing a patient recover from an illness is my joy. I got the urge to become a nurse from my mother that has been serving as a professional nurse for twenty years. I love to see the satisfaction that she feels after helping patients manage their illnesses. In fact, she made me develop the care and empathy attributes that have fueled the desire to become a nurse.
I also want to become a nurse because a nurse practitioner can choose an area to work in depending on one’s interest and specialize in one particular field instead of having to work in all areas. This implies that I can switch jobs easily depending on my area of preference. Besides, I believe that the nursing career will nurture my caring attributes since nurses can teach others about effective caring practices even outside the healthcare setting. In essence, the profession will allow me to give back to the society by either serving as a nurse practitioner or volunt…

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