Why did the Chilean Truth Commission established and how?

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Why did the Chilean Truth Commission established and how?

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General Augusto Pinochet took over the government from Salvador Allende in 1973 through a military coup. Pinochet rules Chile by the iron fist from 1973 to 1989 when he conceded to have lost elections to Patricio Aylwin. President Patricio Aylwin created the Chile National Commission for Truth and Reconciliation to make inquiries into the atrocities occasioned by the government and her conspirators during Pinochet’s administration. The commission was made up of eight commissioners; two of which were women while the rest were men (Hayner, 2010, p.47).
Patricio Aylwin rose to the position of president after holding campaigns on the truth, justice and reparations platform. After assuming office, public pressure could not let the president walk away from his promises to the electorate. The president was under pressure, but he had to proceed with the creation of the commission one month into his term. Patricio Aylwin was the president, but Pinochet still maintained significant support. The commission was a compromise between plunging the country into chaos if the perpetrators got prosecuted, and delivering justice for the victims (Hayner, 2010, p.23).
President Patricio Aylwin through a Supreme Decree in 1990 directed the interior ministry to establish the commission. The commission is also known as the “Retting Commission” had the…

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