Why College Education is Importnat to me

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Why College Education is Importnat to me

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Why college education is important to me
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Aristotle suggested that the roots of education are bitter, but the fruits are sweet. From high school where the school manages a student’s life, those who graduate joins college to further their studies. College education improves a person socially, financially, physically and mentally (Brown, 2015). In college, one is expected to make independent and intelligent decisions. College increases one’s chances of employability and creativity to create jobs for other people (Ajazi, Bullock, Shafer, & Taylor, 2015). Along the college life journey, one realizes that academic excellence is enhanced by dreams, goals and inspirations that one has built.
Dreams are aspirations that an individual has to fulfill to reach their destiny. For ideas to grow into desired future, you should have motivations. My family is the greatest motivation to pursue my college education. I am encouraged that being more educated is an advantage for it raises one’s level of knowledge on various topics, and so is the experience. My family has educated members with great jobs, and this keeps me on my toes to ensure the trend is continued. With the motivation, I take the challenge to get good grades. The family does the external motivation but setting personal goals have always been my academic success driver.
Orison Swett, an inspirational writer in the late 1890s, suggested that great achievers have always aimed higher and at ti…

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