Why are you interested in membership in the Sorority?

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Why are you interested in membership in the Sorority?

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Why I Am Interested in Joining your Sorority
In my early years, the most common phrase that parents used to motivate children to go to school was, “Education is the key to success.” Every child was made to believe that without education, life would become meaningless. Even today, parents still feel that children must attend school to have any bearing on their lives. However, the main question people ask themselves while going to college is what constitutes success. Over the years, I have come to understand that success is relative. Every person has their standards of measuring whether they have succeeded in life. For me, success simply entails making a difference in the society. It is for this reason that I am interested in being a member of the sorority.
My desires to join the sorority have been shaped by my past experiences. While in primary school, I used to accompany my mother to volunteer in hospitals. Seeing her dedicate herself to helping the needy in our community was the beginning of me seeing my dream to join a group of women who have and continue to impact the society. I believe your sorority is the best place to be because it will give me the opportunity to achieve my success by making a difference in our society. Also, the sorority will place me in a leadership position where I will be able to influence other young women. In fact, it is through the sorority that I trust I will be able to steer the…

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