Why a profession would suit me

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Why a profession would suit me

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Why a profession would suit me
Since the period I began working to today, I have held different positions and roles to build my career. Despite my attitude towards these jobs, I was interested in making money. These experiences allowed me to gain knowledge on the reasons and suitability of a professional job to my portfolio. Part of these reasons is the admirable benefits, exciting opportunities offered and ability to achieve financial independence.
A professional job holds numerous advantages. Perhaps the most significant benefit is the prospects that come with formal employment and a steady income that allow an individual to improve their standards of living. The perks include health insurance for employees and their immediate family members. Furthermore, employment fosters employee growth through promotion to higher positions. Positions of leadership in formal employment require leadership qualities which employees gain from adapting and working in such roles with time.
Additionally, a professional job would provide me with exciting opportunities. A formal employment setup brings together individuals from different cultures working together to achieve different objectives. Within this setting, individuals are required to set aside their differences and pool resources and knowledge to work. I believe that this challenge will assist me to grow individually and also gain skills necessary for teamwork.
Moreover, with …

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