White Priviledge Revised

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White Priviledge Revised

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White Privilege
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White Privilege
In the movie “BlackKKKlansman” by Spike Lee, one common theme seems to stand out. Although the movie entails an illustration of a society ridden with socio-political mayhem, one can’t help but notices how white supremacy comes into play (Agonizo 2018). The movie is set during the 20th century, the 70s to be specific, in Colorado, at a time when the Ku Klux Klan was a force to reckon with. A new insight is provided as we get to learn how the occult used white privilege as a tool to recruit poor white men into the group to further their agenda. According to Carr (2016), white privilege remains a phenomenon that has not been fully explored hence is difficult for many to comprehend. It has been defined in multiple ways, however, Gardiner (2009) summarizes it as a form of white supremacy power associated with being white and allows a white person to control, oppress, destroy and disempower people of color.
Psychological Effect of White Supremacy.
White supremacy is structured in such a way that it allows total dominance of white people over people of color. In South Africa, for instance, the apartheid system divided people on a hierarchical basis, placing white people on the top while the local black people at the very bottom (Halvorsrud 2017). It can be argued that white supremacy adopts a two-sided effect on the psychological status of both oppressors and the oppressed. With the white…

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