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Whistleblowing is an act that takes courage to do owing to the many possible negative impacts the act may have on the whistleblower such as victimization or even being fired from work. However, despite these challenges, I think that whistleblowing is necessary. First, as rightly outlined by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), whistleblowing has a number of benefits. It is true that whistleblowing can protect millions of lives and dollars which would otherwise be lost if scandals and thefts are not disclosed (U.S. Office of Personnel Management par.2). Also, whistleblowing helps promote a culture of honesty among staff both in the government and private institutions. Consequently, honesty plays a vital role as it enables employees to offer complete dedication to their institutions’ missions and achievements. What is more, organizations that advocate for whistleblowing are highly likely to have transparent structures and effective communication. Notably, the act of whistleblowing shields the general public and customers. This is because when someone reports unethical practices and other wrongdoings, the institution avoids bad public image and possible poor services rendered by the unethical employees. As such, the public continues to receive quality services.
Whistleblowing laws are there to protect whistleblowers from any negative implications such as the ones mentioned earlier. In the past, many whistleblo…

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