which one is better for student to learn and why?

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which one is better for student to learn and why?

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Why Online Learning is better than in-class Learning
Modernization and the advancement of technology have indeed seen a significant milestone in the education sector. Gone are the days when it was compulsory for a student to attend classes physically, courtesy of the online classes which are very common in most institutions under the common name of distance learning and e-learning. However, different people have varying ideas on which among the online and in-class learning is better. For my case, I would prefer online learning to in-class learning.
A major pro for online education is the flexibility that it has offered. Unlike in-class education, distance learning can be possible for people who are far away from the physical location of the institution offering the program. Additionally, it allows good flexibility for students who double up as parents and are also employed. It, therefore, means that one can comfortably work as well as continue with studies without any strain since all the learning materials are availed on the internet (Yamagata-Lynch 123).
Apparently, finances form the critical basis for an argument for any person who would consider getting a higher education. An advantage of online training is that it saves a lot on the educational expenses which would have been incurred in the case of physical attendance of classes. For instance, one will avoid costs such as accommodation, transpo…

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