Whether One Person Can Change The World

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Whether One Person Can Change The World

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Whether One Person Can Change the World
Adolf Hitler and Nelson Mandela are names that were and still remain fresh in the minds of people globally. The impact those two had, was the result of the support they got from their upholders. Without the back up of their followers, their ideologies would have never matured. An individual does not have sufficient resources to impact the world; hence, one person cannot change the world.
According to Friedman, the rise of Adolf Hitler to power in Germany brought a lasting impact on Europe and America. This effect is also believed to have affected other parts of the world. His influence was felt throughout the world. This outcome is often assumed to be based on his efforts; however, it was as a cause of the following he had. Hitler brainwashed a group of people who shared his ideologies and helped him in their execution.
Nelson Mandela is a global icon. He believed that all people are equal despite their race (“Nelson Mandela”). His ideology was not shared by many. He tried bringing equality in South Africa but he failed initially as he lacked the resources. He convinced groups of people who finally helped him become a leader. It was during his tenure that he changed the world ideology on racism since he had got the funds.
In summary, one person has the potential to change the world but only a group that backs the ideology can change the world. This is because the people in …

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