Where Is My Stuff Made

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Where Is My Stuff Made

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Where is my stuff made?
The product for this research will be Starbucks coffee. Starbucks sells packaged coffee to consumers. To make their coffee, Starbucks obtain their raw materials from different regions. The main raw material in making Starbucks coffee is the Arabica coffee. Starbucks obtains the Arabica coffee from three major regions that grow coffee (Pashman, n. pag.). These regions include the Asia-Pacific, Africa, and Latin America. However, their signature coffee blends are mainly sourced from the Asia-Pacific region (Pashman, n. pag.). Starbucks also owns a 240-hectare farm where they grow their own coffee. This is located on the slopes of Poas Volcano in Costa Rica. Another source of raw material for the Starbucks coffee in China. Yearly, Starbucks imports about 14,000 bags of coffee from China. Starbucks sources its coffee beans from various regions so that they improve on their blends.
It is crucial for organizations such as Starbucks to verify the country of origin of their raw materials. This is to ensure that the raw materials meet the specifications of the organizations and also national regulatory requirements for imported products. Regulatory requirements ensure that the raw materials are safe and legal for their intended purpose. Organizational specifications ensure that the raw materials increase the quality and functionality of the organization’s product and process (Quality Assurance &am…

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