Where in the World is Protocol?

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Where in the World is Protocol?

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Business Protocol
A protocol is a combination of art and science and which helps people who are of different cultures, to find a unifying factor. They are then able to engage in strategic issues and create long-term relationships despite their differences. Currently, the global market has been seen to impact organizations today, and they have realized there is a need for inter-relationships, and thus the importance of protocol. It ranges from a proper greeting to navigating complex cultural customs on foreign visits. Some of the best examples where the protocol has been best represented include:
Business etiquette in Asia; here, the protocol is well represented because, for this kind of culture, people are keen in following the cultural values to maintain the relationship. For example, handshakes, even in business are always a common greeting, and it is accompanied by a nod or a bow (Post 114). When offering business cards to them, they are offered with both hands and the card is grasped between the thumb and the forefinger. His culture also values personal space; therefore, some things like putting on the back, hugs, and putting your hands on someone are avoided.
Some of the areas where the protocol has not been embraced include instances where you go to a different culture and realize that what they considered as etiquette work to your disadvantage. Thus, one is torn between sticking to your culture and shifting to someone els…

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