Where do men stand with God and gods?

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Where do men stand with God and gods?

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Where do men stand with God and gods?
It has been known that God or gods created the world, created man and determines the destiny of mankind. It has also been known that there is a universal God but many gods. Is the Universal “God the Trinity” similar to the many gods that existed in the Dark Ages of the Greeks? This has been a question that still lingers in our minds. So therefore, why are the gods not united like “God the Trinity” that exist in Genesis? Genesis explained how “God the Trinity” are united before any creation or decision making, but the Iliad showed how the gods are not united, and disobedient to Zeus, the head of the gods. Although both God and gods share a similarity, which is about favoring whoever pleases them.
In Genesis, it was discovered that there is more than one God but all are united and make decisions in one accord. We can see this when God said, “Let us make a human in our image, and our likeness…” (The Hebrew Bible 158). This shows God communicating with other God (known as the Trinity in other chapters of the Bible) to come to one accord before making a decision. Also, we were able to see how God liked Abel more than Cain. Which made Cain kill his brother, Abel. This can be seen when the writer said”… and the Lord regarded Abel and his offering, but He did not consider Cain and his offering” (The Hebrew Bible 161). This made Cain very incensed. God should be like…

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