what you would do to create fair voting districts

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what you would do to create fair voting districts

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Redistricting for Fair Voting
State legislators draw and make districts with a purpose of controlling the elections and remove competition in regions that they have a following to influence partisan makeup. In many countries, districts are redrawn after possibly every census. As a remedy to such occurrences, there exist several solutions that as an individual I can employ to achieve fair voting. I would consider putting together communities of similar interests. Irrespective of tribe composition, merging regions to form a new district of people with same interests would achieve uniform voting patterns all over the State (Bullock 36). As an individual; I would also redraw regions with a minimum breaking of existing political boundaries. Some districts were possibly drawn by surveyors many years back which put several factors into consideration such as community interest despite present lenience to certain political parties.
In such a case, redrawing of new districts would be based on population within each area. The regions with more people would become split according to the maximum or the minimum number of population requirement per district provided by the state’s constitution. Such a move would address the issue of population equality in the counties (Bullock 42). Another essential thing to do would follow the provided Acts of voting rights. In every country, the Acts relating to election matters get passed, and they pro…

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