What was the American colonial crisis?

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What was the American colonial crisis?

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The American Colonial Crisis
The American Colonial Crisis was a period of political turmoil that happened between the years 1765 and 1783. During this period, the Thirteen American colonies essentially rejected the continued rule of the British. Accordingly, the colonies rebelled against the British and embarked on resisting their authority. The colonies subsequently established the short-lived independent States of America. Due to the events that were taking place at the time, the British made the decision to grant limited self-rule to the Thirteen Colonies under the Columbia Compromise of 1781. Residents of the Thirteen Colonies were strongly opposed to British rule and resented the actions of its government.
The simmering political divisions occasioned the clashes between the Patriot militia and the British regulars. Members of the American Colonial Society had resisted the authority of the British Parliament. The society was especially incensed by the tax regulations that the British Parliament had sanctioned. They argued that the British Parliament should allow the representation of the colonies. In the following decades, the colonists should escalate protests against the British Crown. The clash between the Patriot militia and British regulars in April 1775 would change the course of the conflict.
In conclusion, the American Colonial crisis was regarded as a period of resistance. It pitted the Patriot militia a…

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