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what overwhelmed you.

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Liberating a Continent: What Overwhelmed Me

Liberating a Continent: What Overwhelmed Me
John Paul, the second, is one of the memorable figures in the religious history of the world. His notable role in liberating Europe from the evil empire is succinctly captured in the documentary film entitled “Liberating a Continent: John Paul II and the Fall of Communism.” Primarily, the film covers how John Paul II used his unwavering faith in God, his unbending trust in spiritual unity, and his steadfast defense for human dignity amidst the horrors of Soviet and Nazi Occupations to liberate people from the helm of the evil communists’ regime.
One part that interests me the most in this film is where people realize the atrocities of communism and come together in solidarity to oppose the evil empire because of their renewed faith in God. In this part, John Paul II is depicted to have performed an intricate role, particularly, by calling on God to renew the face of the land and convincing people to accept the fact that God is the sovereign power that can liberate them and not the communism. I like how John Paul’s homilies and speeches enabled Poles to recognize the truth regarding their Catholic identity; consequently, restoring courage and sense of dignity among the people.
God loves us unconditionally. As the Bible notes, God works in everyone’s life, and that is why He always wants us to know Him and improve our relationship with him. Two elemen…

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