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What makes you

Category: Admission Essay

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Level: High School

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What Makes You?
From when I was young, I have dreamt of medicine. Where other individuals see experimentation, dissection and presentations as a chore, I only see adventure and excitement. My love for medicine dates back to when I was about ten years old. My father had a model skeleton in his room. I was fascinated by it and would constantly ask my dad to tell me what a particular part of the skeleton was named. My father soon made a game about it; each of us was to take turns pointing and naming parts of the skeleton and the person who would have named the most parts won. My father lets me win most of the games but soon enough, I was able to name all the skeleton’s parts; from the cranium to the phalanges. This game soon became our daily routine.
The high school soon came calling. Although my father and I did not play the ‘skeleton game’ much often, science and medicine was still exciting to me; I knew that I had bigger fish to fry now. Science in all forms intoxicated me, but science projects were in a particular category by themselves. Science projects were a source of special joy in me that only grew with time. Even soccer, ‘my second love,’ could not compete. In fact, it was this ever-growing fascination for medical science that led me to be selected for a Student Science Training Program over the summer. Just the thought of engaging in a science project at this level made me forget that it was summer break period, and I ended up spending most of my time in the l…

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