what makes a leader by daniel goleman

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what makes a leader by daniel goleman

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What makes a Leader?
Goleman attributes leadership to different skills and abilities. A successful leader has emotional intelligence which is a key requirement for leadership especially those of executive position. The relationship between great leadership and effective performance is linked to emotional intelligence. Goleman (229) shows that other attributes of leadership could fail to work if emotional intelligence failed to be incorporated in within the leadership and management of the organizations. To evaluate various impacts and role of emotional intelligence, Goleman carried out research to determine personal capabilities linked to outstanding performances within an organization. With this objective in place, organizational objectives can be achieved through empathy, self-awareness, self-regulation capabilities.
Self-awareness is one of the major values that determines successful leadership. From this perspective, leadership is viewed as a platform where a person understands his or her values and goals toward an organization (Goleman (229). When a leader is self-aware of his or her roles, self-confidence is created, and this enhances the performance since they develop and understand their capabilities. According to Goleman, (229), leaders should know how to seek help when the need arises and this provides them with an opportunity of tackling diverse challenges with minimal risk.
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