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what is media design

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What is Media Design?
Media design is one of the most important ways of communication in the world. If we stop for one second and compare how the communication design was during the 1893s to now, then we would understand that technological development has taken a big step. Through the developments, we can keep in touch and know what is going on around us and the world. The year 1893 is important because an inventor demonstrated the first wireless radio. It was the only social media platform that was used as a source of information. However, the radio is still an essential element in our life. Every year the technology changes, as well as the way of communication, and in some way, I feel confused to distinguish the media, because of the diverse kinds of media. Sometimes they can be similar to each other but with a different function. Many media design are inter-connected, from print design to animations of smartphones sites, as well as the video games.
The inventors of media design give the common people the opportunity to benefit from the technology. Many people like to buy and sell stuff on the Internet, which means that it is also a marketing media. Furthermore, many schools and colleges, as well as students, have the opportunity to take an advance of those media designer and instead of going to school every day, they get online classes. The creation of media design changes every day. A good example is the cell…

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