What Is American Literature?

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What Is American Literature?

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American Literature
The reading in this week which resonates with me the most is the evolution of American literature. It is interesting to note that the literature evolved due to the transformation of the nation right from the colonial era to present period (Borchert 55). First, early literature is as a result of the First World War. After the First World War, it comes to the wealthiest stage of American literature due to political reasons when independence is announced (Gray 350). Writing kept rising in quality and become broad as the new most excellent writers come in hence making the word classical.
According to my assessment, there are crucial characteristics that distinguish American literature. Firstly, the writers do not follow normal trends like British authors and discourage cultural beliefs such as stereotyping. They break the rules and do not confine themselves to some specific topics but write about what is exciting and pleasing. Secondly, American literature has a strong sense of humor just from earliest time to preset period (Hall 35). The joke is much exaggerated showing American people’s capability to be happy during stressful moments. Thirdly, it reflects norms and traditions that originate from early days which is a foundation for the democracy and the equality of Americans people we have today. Therefore, our literature is a good representation of American identity.
I think author Junot can make a good representative. …

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