What caused the American Revolution

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What caused the American Revolution

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What caused the American Revolution. American Revolution was the precursor of the national independence gained in 1776. It was a political upheaval that took place within 1765-1783, when there was no nation as such, but 13 colonies, which were run on company charters, and there was no unified political organization. It was under the umbrella of the British Empire. This was the beginnings of the New World, which was triggered off, with the discovery of Christopher Columbus. The American aristocracy was centered on the east coast mainly.
From 1765 onwards, the American colonial society revolted against the British Parliament authority for taxations, mainly on sugar and molasses. A most significant culmination of this attitude was the Boston Tea Party in 1773. The rebellious colonists were known as patriots. One of them the Suffolk Resolves, in 1775, managed to combat the Royal Govt of Massachusetts, and put the British in charge of only Boston city. King George III’s rule was considered to be highly tyrannical. In July 1776, the thirteen colonies were declared to be independent states. Liberalism and Republicanism were propagated to combat against monarchy and aristocracy. This was followed by the British capturing New York and other city ports, but Washington forces proved to be stronger (Cogliano 1770-80).
The main cause of this revolution was perhaps the taxation on colonies, by King George III for paying of his army debts, by taking an au…

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