What are three components of an attitude?

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What are three components of an attitude?

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Attitude and Its Components
Based on psychological grounds, attitudes are quite commonly known as the evaluations that are made by people related to ideas, objects, events, along with other people. Like any other entity, attitudes can also be constructive and destructive. Quite commonly, attitudes are considered with two other core elements; like, behaviors and beliefs. Beliefs are the representation of learning that is the result of different experiences.
Attitudes and its Importance
Attitudes have a number of important features that enhances the way of understanding the core consideration within cognitive domains. Attitudes are one of the most vital ways of organization of relationship within the world. The most important feature of it includes the interaction with a more predicting thereby owing much better degree of control on their mind and body. Attitudes have also enabled for the reduction of the numerous amount of the very information that people quite commonly possess as part of manageable units. Attitudes are also quite better indicators for making better judgments about other persons. People having similar attitudes quite commonly enjoy each other’s companies and the best example in this regard is people likeness based on certain political parties. Nevertheless, the attitudes of people are quite good in determining the behavior of people.
Types and Components of Attitudes

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