Western Science and Technology

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Western Science and Technology

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Western Science and Technology
The history of western science and technology is one that is of great interest. Magnificent inventions and discoveries have taken place in the western world. Over the centuries, there have vivid changes in the ways humans understand and manipulate the natural world. The West has always been a leader in pioneering such changes. The findings then spread to other non-western regions. These inventions often present solutions to problems that have been persisting at the time. The ideas are either new or a modification of the existing ones (Aikenhead 338). The most remarkable developments in science and technology have been witnessed in the last three centuries. Several factors have played a part including political, social and economic. Close analysis of the changes will indicate that times are not the same.
The 19th century can be regarded as the period of growth since most projects started at this time. The developments at this period include electricity, the internal combustion engines, steel production, and chemicals among others (Aikenhead 340). Scientists from different countries pioneered the work on electricity. In the middle of this century, both the motors and generators developed in major ways. Engineers particularly in France, Swiss, Belgian and German developed armature and dynamo that proved most satisfactory. The problem with this came in finding a suitable power, especially in Britain since other f…

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