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western civilization

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Western Civilization
The aftermath of World war contributed significantly to the rise of Nazi and Communist revolutions. After World War I, several uncertainties about the future faced Germany. The German citizens encountered several challenges including poor economic conditions, unemployment, profound social adjustment and political instability. In 1919, the victorious powers of World War I presented the Treaty of Versailles to the already unstable and disturbed Germany and compelled it to sign the agreement.
To many Germans, the signing of the treaty was both a humiliation and a betrayal. The early 1920s marked the days the German government was to pay reparation to the victorious powers of the World War I. To achieve this, the German government had to make deals with American investors to rebuild its economy to be able to pay the debts to Great Britain and France. However, the great economic depression during the late 20s and early 30s led to insufficient contribution by American investors to the rebuilding of the German economy. Consequently, the German economy became even more unstable (Grenville 100).
Subsequently, the unemployed youth in Germany increased their support for the right as they felt their government had failed them. The disturbed German economy, therefore, contributed to the rise of Adolf Hitler. He promised a way out for the Germans, who had been yearning for change since the signing of the Treaty of V…

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