West minister Bell Choir (handbells)

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West minister Bell Choir (handbells)

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Descriptions of Handbell Musical Pieces
The music pieces are both handbell versions with traditional carols and tunes. The first one Largo Winter by Vivaldi handbell version is four minutes long. According to me, it had a mixed composition (Vivaldi). Sometimes the rhythm is discordant as the individual musicians are shaking the handbells at different times. At these times there was a ringing effect on the ears I think because the timbre is the high pitch. There are times when the harmony sticks together, there is a real flow of recognizable festive feel to the tune.
The piece has its ups and downs. In the beginning, it invited me to hum along with the melody, enjoying the Christmas carol. The feeling lasts about one minute. For the rest of the musical performance, the same tune is repeated. It becomes monotonous for the rest of the performance. The choreography got lost somewhere midway through the performance. I understand bells performance may be quite challenging to balance the choreography. Great effort from the choir though, the piano does not dominate the handbells at all which is a bold effort. In the bleak midwinter (arr. Buckwalter) handbell version has a great symphony, the sound that comes is almost heavenly.
There is an echo to the sound of it, which could be because of the cavernous Westminster Cathedral which creates a continuous hymn. It is well choreographed, there a smooth feeling and effect on the ears whic…

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