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Website Review
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Website Choice
American Cancer Society: Site
The website is associated with organization American Cancer Society.
Purpose of the Website
The website is an extension of the activities of the ACO, whose activities are aimed at eliminating cancer. Specifically, the website provides varied information about cancer, including sharing expert information about different aspects of cancer, providing support to patients as well as the spread of information about the best approaches that people can employ to prevent the occurrence of cancer. Further, the website provides detailed information about the role of the organization in the advancement of cancer treatment.
How the Site is listedThe site is available through a general google search. It comes through a search of organizations involved in the fight against cancer in the United States. Through this listing, it is possible to access the website through a simple search easily.
Who is Likely to Use the website
Any person interest in understanding different aspects of cancer. Specifically, those interested in reading research articles, as well as understand prevention, treatment, and recovery from cancer. However, cancer patients, their families, care providers, and researchers are expected to benefit more from the website.
How the website is funded
The American Cancer Association relies on funding by partner…

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