Web Transaction Logs

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Web Transaction Logs

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Web Transaction Logs
Web transaction is a series of URLs joined into a single complete process. Distinctive dealings are when a client logs in an adherent website, creates an acquisition on a shop site, completes and sends a network form and executes other collaborations with a web application and website. The transaction logs are critical components of every database. Each server database consists of a transaction log with the sole responsibility of recording every database modification and all transactions made. All activities on a website are recorded and are very useful when analyzing user activities and preferences. When transaction logs, shopping cart databases, registration forms, and tracking files are combined, they help companies understand how clients behave online.
Online business decision makers are facing increasing pressure to pursue and receive the best of each opportunity. Opportunities may be acknowledged by statistical scrutiny of the buying information data. Still, there is a lot of extra information hidden behindhand the application back end. This is information located mostly in log archives. The web server access log files provide data that allows analyzing and measuring the calls at an e-shop. The diagrams and reports produced can aid ascertain website insufficiencies. The amount and structure of the data deposited in the access record files depend greatly on the kind of application generating it. The logs are very important for …

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