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Web Marketing
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Reading through the guidelines of creating domain names, I noticed I had little knowledge of how and why some domain names appear the way they are online. I had never put much thought into the fact that some of the domain names that I found fancy, did pass through a lot of processes and creativity to appear the way they are. Furthermore, I recalled the few domain names that I have once encountered and noticed that they all describe the company is a single word or two. An example is www.nytimes.com. The domain name has the company’s primary office, the name of the company’s product and the name of the company itself described by the domain name.
Interacting with a registrar site
Using the same domain name for the New York Times newspaper, I noticed that the domain name sounds brandable. Once one understands the initial “ny” is the abbreviation for New York, then the domain name becomes pronounceable, that is, “new york times.” The domain name is also short and is biased towards .com. Moreover, it can be described as being intuitive since the word “times” invokes the idea that the website describes events that transpired as a specific time of the day of the year. In this case, it is a page delivering news.
Most useful domain name rules
The most beneficial domain rules were making the domain name, short, intuitive and brandable. According to Johnson (1), domain names that are …

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