Wearing technologies

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Wearing technologies

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Summary of the Topic
Wearable technology enhances work and individual’s ability to work in a diverse environment. The technology provides an opportunity to use the electronics in accomplishing different activities. Accomplishing tasks through the technology rely on the use of the internet. Through the technology, data can be exchanged from one network entity to a device thus the exchange of information.
Wearable technology increases productivity since it is designed to make the daily task more convenient. The service providers have found the technology to be fast and reliable when serving the clients. For this case, therefore, there has been an increased satisfaction rate among the employees and the clients. Through the efficient connectivity of the wearable devices, other tech investments can be established with minimal capital and improved supervision of business entities (Sultan 2015, p. 521).
Ethical Issues Associated with the Field
Adoption of the wearable technology has improved the quality of services across different economic sectors. However, ethical issues have been raised concerning the functionality and the ability of these devices to adopt safety when it comes to the client’s private information. The health sector has often faced ethical issues due to frequent cases of leakage of the patients’ private information to the public. Throu…

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