We know with confidence only when we know little

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We know with confidence only when we know little

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With Confidence, We Know Little, but Doubt Increases With Knowledge
Knowledge has, for a long time, been equated to power. Human beings need the knowledge to make even the simplest of the decisions, an indicator that indeed knowledge is the compass of life. Through it, we can gain a vision of the life we want and anticipate the different events in our lives. Through knowledge, man has been able to make significant breakthroughs that have made life way simpler. It has allowed the man to emerge as the most sophisticated, capable and superior species on earth. As such, it can be argued that knowledge is the primary factor that separates human beings from other species of living things in the world. The amount of knowledge people have varies from one individual to another. People who are more knowledgeable are very much respected by the members of the society compared to those who are less enlightened. Gaining more knowledge opens our mind to more questions and possibility. As we learn knowledge, we get a clearer understanding of how much we don’t know. More experience leads people even to doubt more, and it is through this doubt that we even develop more thirst for knowledge. This essay takes into consideration two areas of expertise, namely economics and physics, in exploring how knowledge serves to increase people’s doubt in cer…

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