Water Consumption

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Water Consumption

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Water Consumption
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Water Consumption
Research in the past insists that our wasteful behaviors threaten water safety. It is important to practice conservatory actions to improve water and environmental status. Although adopting water conservation practices is affordable at individual and community levels, effective instruments are necessary to motivate people towards recycling, re-use, and protection of water resources.
Personal water usage behaviors that have impacts on water quality and availability include showering, toilet flushing, teeth brushing, laundry, dishwashing, and lane watering. When doing these things, I use conservation hacks so that I can use less water. For example, I put water in a glass when brushing teeth instead of brushing at the sink while water is running. These practices also help cut water bill as well as the maintenance cost (“17 Water Conservation Tips and Tricks”, 2018) of home domestic drainage system such as that in the bathroom since they relieve pressure.
People can use less water through practices that recycle gray water, reducing water volume, and avoiding wastage. For example, grey water from baths and a washing machine can be used in the garden (recycling). Also, cistern, taps, and pipes can be adjusted to release less water (“Best Practices in Water Conservation,” 2018). Also, they should be repaired when broken to prevent water wastage.
Incentives such as discounted water bills for homes…

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