Washignton Irving and Walter Scott

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Washignton Irving and Walter Scott

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Washington Irving and Walter Scott
Sir Walter Scott born in the 1770s was a Scottish historian, poet and novelist renowned for his skill and uniqueness in writing historical novels. With the writing experience, he had gathered over the years Scott harnessed into the Scottish history. He had a significant influence on American and European novelists. Irving met Scott at the age of 17 while in Europe helping out in a family business. Irving was interested in literature but never got a chance in the literary scene. But on befriending Scott, he got to learn of techniques that helped him rise to greatness. Scott advised him to have a look at folklore and start reading German Romantics for inspiration (Burstein n. pag). Irving heeds to this advice and henceforth took a different path from other American authors at the time.
The guidelines that Scott gave Washington made his work stand out compared to what other authors were offering. In his publication of The Sketch Book, a majority of the stories were inspired by German folk tales, which lured a vast audience. The skills that Irving got from doing all that Scott advised him on were uncommon at that time and readers found it amusing. From the works of Irving, it can be noted that he was a humorous man and loved to incorporate it in his novels. Washington was lucky to have the legendary Scott as a patron because he opened up his eyes to unexplored literature. Had it not been for the encounter of th…

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