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Andy Warhol
In the early years of the 1920s to 80s, Warhol was among the most famous American artist, director as well as producer in the visual art group which was named as pop art (Sommerlad). He is famous for multimedia works exploring every aspect of life to suit his artistic exploration. Typically, he viewed almost every stuff to be related to arts. For instance, he linked business advertisements, ordinary household items, and photographs for the rich and famous persons to artwork through capturing their essence in real time or as they happen. Warhol presumed that soon people would become famous in very few minutes (Sommerlad). Typically Andy Warhol is a unique artist who was made for the digital age bracket.
Twitter and Facebook would form the basis for his artwork. Most important, innovation of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as social site fulfils his saying that people would become famous within the shortest time possible. Social sites connect millions of people across the globe regardless of the location; hence news spread worldwide in very few minutes. Additionally, viral videos in social sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter has made people famous without prior profile through broadcasting to the world at their comfort (Sommerlad). Webcam facilitates broadcasting; thus the artist does not seek favours old media gatekeepers. Facebook would be Warhols’ best platform to post his art-work because it connects a very diverse gr…

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