Want creation fuels Americans’ addictiveness

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Want creation fuels Americans’ addictiveness

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Want-Creation Fuels Americans’ Addictiveness
According to Slater, addiction is a state of want such that one feels lacking, incomplete or inadequate and can only be made whole by adding something external (Slater 303). The addictive urge can attach itself to real or symbolic things such as drugs, money, power, sex, cleaning among others. One is addicted to something if they feel that they can’t do without it and will hence always have it at hand. Slater’s essay talks about how addiction has affected Americans consumer culture. People spend a lot of money creating want. Covetousness and greed are taught to children through the great emphasis on success. In light of the above information, this paper seeks to give my response to Slater’s essay “Want-Creation Fuels Americans’ Addictiveness.”
Slater argues that addiction leads to the need for a quick fix. Most Americans are restless, inventive and dissatisfied people who want immediate solutions or things that can fix their problems speedily (Slater 300). In life today, when people are faced with a problem, they prefer things that will fix it immediately regardless of the negative effects. This is true for most people because the focus is always on eliminating the want and they are not friendly to things or people preventing them from achieving that. Similarly, people don’t care about the long run negative effects of their choices as long as an action satisfies them today. Therefore, Slater’s argumen…

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