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Walt Disney

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Walt Disney
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The theory of operant conditions by B.F skinner
In this theory, behaviors can be reinforced or altered by the use of positive and negative reward. An individual will tend to think of behavior, the reward, and the consequences. When a teacher awards the best performing students, this acts as a reinforcement to keep the student and other to continue improving in their class work. When a child is punished for not doing their chores at home, they will associate punishment with abandoned tasks. Such children may tend to be a perfectionist in their duties to avoid the punishment.
Walter grew up knowing that someone has to be self-reliant or be punished, they were forced to vend newspapers daily before and after school. There was a tyrant, and any opposition would spark a punishment. In his management, Walter used to award best-performing employee to motivate the whole team. He threatened to retrench and remain with best-performing employees, and this kept them working. Walter realized the mechanism hi father used was working for his company for most of the creative ideas came from his team.
The Cognitive Theory by Albert Ellis,
Ellis was a psychotherapist but developed a different explanation to the cognitive theory that explains how a person’s experiences can modify their personality. He suggests that we encounter experiences in our daily lives that that prompts us to think and act the way we do. The way we interpret the occurre…

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