Walk well my brother by farley moway

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Walk well my brother by farley moway

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Walk Well, My Brother
At its heart, Walk Well, My Brother, is a story about people. No matter how many books one reads, or studies one conducts, one can never truly understand how the mind of an individual works unless one looks deep into their psyche. Walk Well, My Brother is a story about that very journey, of how two individuals came to know and respect each other in a time of hardship, and how it changed their perspective on life, and added to their own. This paper talks about the very change: Charlie and Konala thought that their lives were all that they could be, but they were both missing a specific essence from within themselves. By the end of the story, however, they manage to find that missing piece in the unlikeliest of places—in each other, that is—thus altering their very emotional structure. The paper will also talk about how Farkley Mowat uses beautiful and apt literary tools to depict the change in heart in Charlie and Konala.
Both characters, Charlie and Konala, are what one would call opposites of each other. Charlie is a jaded, angry, and resentful soldier stranded in the harsh tundra plains. Konala, on the other hand, is part of the Eskimo people—kind, gentle, and loving. What makes the story interesting is how far apart on the behavioural spectrum Mowat has placed this character. In the beginning of the story, Charlie insults Konala to no end: calling her an animal, rebuking her race, and shunning all her …

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