Wal-Mart vs. Pyramids

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Wal-Mart vs. Pyramids

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Wal-Mart versus Pyramids: An Article Summary and Critique
The concept and culture of industrialization has always been one of the reasons specifically attacking the cultural richness of particular nations. The desire to embrace economic advancement has hurt the cultural background of many countries already and has somewhat created a more defined distinction on how people in such countries have already started viewing their heritage. The article on Wal-Mart versus Pyramids provides a distinct example on how such desire for full expansion among businesses that would definitely create economic advancement for the nation actually creates a problem on how culture is viewed and how it is respected through time.
Summary of Article
Wal-Mart is a well-known store chain not only in the United States but distinct areas around the globe. Is it has been mentioned in the article, Mexico is one country where the business has grown more rapidly during the past few years (Carlson). Such point of expansion has been caused by the support of the government and the local administrations in putting up Wal-Mart branches in their area especially that it promises a distinct source of income and working opportunities for the people. The rising population in Mexico needs all the job opportunities they can get in order to support their own welfare and become more competent in supporting social grow…

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